Wednesday, February 1, 2017


in my opinion cyberbullying is just as bad as bullying in person, it is in smaller doses for the most part, but you can't get away, and it permeates your life much more thoroughly.   I think that the school can only handle matters on-campus, and I think that people do have the right to say what they want, but that doesn't mean that they should.  schools should protect their students in any way they can, but they must do it without overstepping their bounds, like saying that any who lash out at those who come forward will be punished, they can't enforce that outside of school, and the bullies know that.   there is actually a movie called cyberbully, it was available on Netflix last I checked, but either way it is rather eye-opening as to what happens to some of these people, and I strongly recommend that you all watch it if given the chance.

Drake "Malakoss" Foote